5 Powerful Tips For Email List Building

Do you want more email subscribers?

Do you want to know how you can grow your email list faster?

I will show you through this post how ShoutMeLoud can capture more emails using 5 simple tactics.

You can apply similar tactics on your blog right away.

Why Email List Building should be your No.1 Goal?

Email capture should be the priority goal for any website owner.

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you run, once you capture visitor’s email you have a chance to establish multiple contacts with that visitor.

For bloggers it is the one of the good ways to have a meaningful relationship with their readers.

Also if you sell a product or service on your blog email list presents a ready made marketplace for you wherein you can pitch your product or service to hundreds of potential buyers.

It is therefore imperative for bloggers to capture emails from day one of their blog.

How Harsh (Owner of ShoutMeLoud) can grow his email list?

In this post I will try to suggest some ways in which Harsh can possibly optimize his homepage for capturing maximum emails.

He might have utilized these plugins to create opt-in forms in past but I am basing my findings on current home page. In case he already utilized these tactics there is always an option to A/B test the forms for improved conversions.

So let us begin…


This is the homepage of Shoutmeloud blog. Now let’s analyze how we can improve the conversions (more email subscribers). Mind you I have not scrolled down, so I am analyzing above the fold content for now.

So we have 2 navigation bars:

Top most one takes visitor to Forum & Income Reports while there are 3 external links to Google Play Store, Apple itunes & Youtube channel.

Conversion Tip # 1

Including a link to Shout Me Loud Newsletter in the top most bar could definitely be tested.

Look at what Brian Dean does on his blog homepage. This is different from his website homepage which we will look at in a bit.


So pretty clean design with a distinct green color & newsletter link text ‘Proven SEO Tips’ is benefit driven statement. Let’s look at what happens when you click that link.SM3

Did you notice something peculiar?

Brian carries the same ‘scent’ i.e. Proven SEO Topics to his Newsletter Landing Page as well. He even uses a similar ‘I want Proven SEO Tips’ in his Call to Action button. And thirdly he adds tweets screenshots of people who love these tips. This helps in creating trust in minds of new readers to his blog.

Although I do have a small tip for Brian as well, can you see the navigation bar on the Newsletter page? Probably Brian could test removing the navigation bar from this page and just keep these email opt-in boxes and see if conversion rate increases.

We want to have no distractions on the landing page. Just 1 Goal – Get those readers subscribed. Don’t want them jumping to other links in between. Here is a nice study which showed greater conversions when navigation bar was removed from Landing Page.

How Harsh can implement this?

Harsh can start with Simple Link Text like ‘Get Free Updates’ or ‘Join 22,000+ Shouters’. And start measuring the clicks and conversion rates for this new opt-in form.

Obviously Harsh would need to design a Newsletter Landing Page, a page whose sole purpose is to convert clicks into email subscriptions. He can use Leadpages or Thrive Leads to create these pages easily.  

Once he starts seeing good amount of data then benefit driven link text like Make Money Online or Start Your Own Blog or Get More Traffic could be A/B tested to see if it improves conversions.

Important thing to note is Harsh would need to design a separate newsletter landing page which should have the similar headline as used in the link text in navigation bar to increase chances of conversions.

Oh and by the way Brian took help from Devesh to optimize this link text. Devesh was able to increase clicks by 145% to Brian’s Newsletter using benefit driven text.

Ok now to the second navigation bar:


I understand that it helps to have 2 navigation bars from usability perspective. Harsh can show multiple links so that his readers can choose from different options & go to an inner page if they wish. But what is our main goal here? To get more email subscribers.

Now can having multiple navigation bars hurt my email opt-ins? Answer is yes. How? The more options a reader has to navigate to a different page than your Opt-In page the lesser would be your overall conversions.

Conversion Tip#2

A/B Test combining the two navigation bars after adding the Free newsletter link to the navigation & see which version leads to more clicks on the Newsletter page.

To make things even more interesting Harsh could even put ‘newsletter link’ in a different color & see if it improves clicks.

How Harsh can implement this?

This is easily doable in A/B testing tools like Optimizely. He will need to install small java code to the site header. And he can start creating different variations of the homepage.

Don’t worry it won’t touch the actual site page. Harsh can create different pages each with a specific change (only one per variation) & run the experiment. Visitors will then be routed to different variations.

Optimizely then tells the winning page & Harsh can then make changes to his home page only after he finds the winning combination.

Ok let’s move the right hand sidebar:


Now I don’t have any issues in displaying the social proof elements in blog sidebar. But if it is at the cost of a Sidebar Email Opt-In form then perhaps we need to take a closer look.

Traditionally sidebar opt-in conversions are around 0.3%-0.6%. You might say but that is so less.

Why should I have a form there?

Okay what if you are getting close to 1 Mn views each month? That means almost 3,000 new subscribers each month.

Taking the worst case scenario of 0.1% conversions even then it is extra 1,000 subscribers per month just by doing this simple change.

Let’s see what Brian does:


He does not use the standard ‘Get My Newsletter’ or ‘Free Updates’ but a more specific copy ‘Get Exclusive Tips’ inside his form.

I am sure this was also A/B tested as Brian loves running these Conversion Experiments on his blog.

Conversion Tip#3

This could be huge for Harsh. Just create a Sidebar Opt-In Form for his newsletter & put it up there. The Social Proof elements could be moved down after the Email Opt-In Form.

Once people start converting, more A/B tests can be run based on Copy inside the Opt-In Form (Headline & Body), Call to Action Text, Call to Action Color, Opt-In Form Color. Again Optimizely makes these things easy. Yeah but remember not to run all these tests at the same time? Why?

Because you won’t know which change affected conversion? So you got to do it one by one. Slowly and slowly testing and increasing the conversion rate after each iteration.

Conversion Tip#4

Feature Box – These were made famous by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers. DIY Themes saw a 51.7% increase in opt ins when they added the headline box.

Here is Brian utilizing the power of Feature Box to promote his newsletter:


How Harsh can implement this?

This type of feature box converts anywhere between 5% to 7%. This can be easily implemented using Thrive Leads or Plugmatter. Again a benefit driven headline can improve the click through and conversion rates for Harsh.

Conversion Tip#5

Exit Popup –  I know people hate popups but I can tell you these nasty little opt-in forms are a beast when you think of conversions. Especially Exit Popups. I mean you don’t really have anything to lose. If a visitor is exiting your website and you can present a nice lead magnet to capture the email address, then I think it is worth implementing it.


Above is the Exit Popup on Social Triggers. Look how beautifully Derek presents an actionable ebook which can help you get more subscribers. Also he uses 2 very subtle tactics.

The green color on Yes button is in a contrast to the faded grey button which makes it easy for visitors to click on Yes. Also by giving you an explicit No option it is making you feel as if you are missing out on something valuable.


Harsh can start with these suggestions slowly, no need to go overboard and implement all these in one go.

Once he will gather conversion data for these new opt-in forms then probably he can go about optimizing these using A/B Testing.

Hope you liked these tips which can help improve opt-in conversions on ShoutMeLoud. Do you have more suggestions, then do comment in the box below.

I will help you get more traffic & leads from existing pieces of content on your website.