8 Tips To Grow Your Email List

This is part of my teardown series where I dissect pages on popular websites & give recommendations on how website owners can optimize their sites better to get more email subscribers or leads or sales. These recommendations are based on my experience in Conversion Optimization & Best Practices as seen on other blogs.

By going through these analysis my blog readers could learn & apply these tactics to their blogs.

Goal for this teardown : How Bloggers can optimize Home Page to grow email list

Today I will analyze LuisaZhou.com which is a blog run by Luisa Z. She is a coach who helps women start online businesses. I only analyzed ‘Above The Fold Homepage’ for this teardown.

Let us look at website statistics first:

Pretty good for a site that started recently. Let’s check what all are the traffic sources.

So looking at the graph above Luisa has a huge scope to get traffic from her blog content. I did check out her blog, she needs two things:

  • Content Promotion
  • Fixing her On Page SEO for existing articles & targeting some good keywords for the blog topics

So right now people are pretty much coming directly to her site or through some other website. So the visitors probably have a good idea of who she is.

That is the first thing one should check before even looking to improve conversion on the site. Only then one can gauge the motivation aspect of the visitor to a site. So visitors have a decent idea of who she is when they visit her site & Luisa has a great opportunity to get those aware visitors to her email list.

Let’s check out the homepage now.

So when I land on home page I see great Feature Box which states the Value Proposition beautifully (Who is Luisa? What this site is about? Who is this site for?)

Tip#1 – Add Feature Box Optin Form

But I wanted to see a signup form right below the Value Proposition. I have indicated that in the screenshot. Such opt-in forms located above the fold convert anywhere between 5%-7%. Definitely recommend putting an opt-in form and testing it out.


Look at what Brian Dean does on his homepage.

Tip#2 – Use Benefit Driven Call To Action



Now looking at her Menu items it is obvious that she wants people to click at Mktng Plan button. But then from audience point of view they do not know what is that and how it could benefit them?

Instead if she uses benefit driven CTAs like Grow Your Coaching Business or Get Your Paying Clients I am sure the click through could be higher.

Now when I click on Mktng Plan, I am taken to an Opt-In Form for her Audio Training. Now that is highly confusing. If you are offering Mktng Plan why I am being seeing audio training here. There is a huge disconnect which could hamper conversions. She should probably change Mktng Plan to Launch Your Business Training or Get Paying Clients Training.

Anyways let’s move to Optin Form.

Tip#3 – Test Headline/Copy of Opt-In Form

Again looking at this lead capture form for her Audio Training, I am sure the headline/copy can be tested to see if there are any improvements in lead capture. See how in this case study Clarity increased conversions by over 89% by adding a single word.

Tip#4 – Remove Excess Fields from Opt-In Form

Another thing I noticed is she is asking for name in the signup form. Again Form Optimization is a big area and the less number of fields we capture, more are the chances of conversions. She could definitely test and see if conversions improve by just asking for email.

The results of this test could then be applied to other forms as well.

Tip#5 – Test Call To Action Button Text

Last but not the least ‘Get Free Instant Access’ is a good CTA but again she could test more benefit oriented CTAs like ‘Launch Your Coaching Business Now’.

Look at what Brian does, he carries the same scent for his newsletter opt-in throughout the journey.

He uses same CTA for his Clickable link ‘Proven SEO Tips’, then headline of Opt-In is same and finally CTA for Opt-In Form also says ‘ Get Proven SEO Tips’. This ensures visitors knows from the start what he is getting.


 Tip#6 – Add Welcome Mat For Capturing More Emails


I am sure you are familiar with Welcome Mat where before you show your blog content you are displaying a crisp & to the point Opt-In Form (almost a landing page) where you can give out your best converting Lead magnet and convert email subscribers at some crazy rates of 10%-15%.

Tip#7 – Test Exit Popup To Capture Visitors Leaving Your Site

Yes, pop ups are annoying, but the thing is they work. They drive huge results (as you can see from the crazy egg article here) and get more people on to your email list.

This is something that isn’t currently happening on LuisaZhou.com, but should be implemented to gain additional email subscribers. Typically, these can increase conversions by 1,000% or more.

For e.g. Below Form pops up just when visitor is about to leave the blog & offers a lead magnet for email exchange.


Tip#8 – Add Content Upgrades To High Traffic Pages

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a content upgrade is something extra at the end or in between of each blog post offered in exchange for an email address. It can be anything from a checklist to an ebook or a quick video.

Content upgrades also can bring triple digit increases to your email list. She can get the most mileage on her blog by adding content upgrades to your most popular blog posts. Possibly she can only implement on 2 to 3 good traffic blog posts.

How To Implement All These?

Feature Boxes can be created using a plugin from Plugmatter called Optin Feature Box.

Welcome Mats are easily created either using Sumome or Thrive Leads. If you want to start with a free version then go for Sumome.

Content Upgrades are again easily available in Thrive Leads or Leadboxes.

Exit Intent Pop-Ups are best created using OptinMonster or Thrive Leads.

Hope you liked this teardown and gained something from it.  The opportunities to add more subscribers are endless and these are just few of the suggestions I am sharing which can help you improve the conversion rates for your email opt-ins.

I will help you get more traffic & leads from existing pieces of content on your website.