Blog Optimization Service

Blog Optimization Service (SEO+CRO For Best Results)

I am Mohit & I will help you get more traffic & leads from existing pieces of content on your website.

  • Improve On Page SEO For Existing Pages (To Get More Traffic)
  • Add & Optimize Opt-In Forms On Existing Pages (To Get More Leads)

On Page Optimization Service

This service is ideal for website owners looking to increase traffic from already existing content on their website. I will optimize your existing content so that it is fresh, up-to-date & starts ranking higher in Search Engine Rankings.

Hubspot released a study in which they showed how Top 30 posts generated 46% leads for them. But interesting point to note was that those 30 posts constituted 0.5% of total blog posts. What does that mean? 

Simply Optimize your existing content already ranking on Google & improve upon it to get more traffic & more leads.​ 

I will help you do exactly the same:

  • Optimize Low Traffic Pages utilizing On Page SEO Best Practices -> More Traffic For Your Website
  • Optimize High Traffic Pages & make them better by adding more up to date content, adding additional topics   -> More Traffic For Your Website

Click on above image to get a clear idea of this service I performed for Sara B. who runs a health & nutrition blog.

Click on above image to get a clear idea of this service I performed for Ross S. who is a digital marketer.

Conversion Optimization Service (Get More Leads/Subscribers/Trial Signups)

Let me tell you a story.

John runs a famous online marketing blog & gets close to 50,000 monthly visitors.

So far he has focussed on Outreach, Guest Posting, Influencer Marketing, Viral marketing & all kinds of techniques to grow his blog.

But his Optin forms continue to be neglected.

He just has a simple sidebar form with a lousy heading 'Subscribe For My Newsletter' which converts at 0.5%.

That is around 250 new subscribers each month from that form.

Now imagine if he had A/B tested the headline, body text, call to action, lead magnet. Suppose the tests were successful & increased his conversion rate to 0.8%.

Nothing Fancy I know. But that is like 150 extra subscribers each month.

1800 New Subscribers per year.

What can extra 1800 subscribers mean for his business?

Assuming $5 value per subscriber that is extra$9000 addition to his income if he A/B tests 1 optin form.

Just Think About It..$9,000 Additional Income!

And It all started by doing optimization of a single optin form.

Can you imagine what could happen if John does this for all his optin forms?

What can happen if he adds more forms & optimizes those as well on all high traffic pages on his website.

Just like a leaky bucket full of holes...Your Website is Leaking Money!!!

This is where I come in..

You see Conversion Optimization is a continuous activity necessary to keep your website on the growth path..

It is not a one time activity...You need to keep running atleast 2 to 3 conversion experiments each month to maximize conversions on your website.

I will find all the Leaks on your website & plug those so that your website is primed to earn more from same traffic..

Click on above image to get a clear idea of this service I performed for LuisaZhou who runs coaching service.

Click on above image to get a clear idea of this service I performed for famous blog


The following are answers to questions I am asked often about my Blog Optimization service. If you have any questions other than what I cover below, use the contact me form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with me!

​What is your background?

I am an MBA in Marketing & have 8+ years of experience in B2B Technology Industry. ​I have worked majorly in Product Owner/Product Marketing Role. I love helping small businesses get more traffic & subscribers by focussing upon SEO & Conversion Optimization.

Will you be providing recommendations in form of report?

Yes, for both On-Page Optimization & Conversion Optimization I will be delivering Page by Page Reports to highlight the opportunities to get more traffic & more leads. To get an idea of reports check out Case Studies I have reported above.


What is the approximate price for the service?

Generally for each page I charge $50 (any 1 service) - $100 (both services). Depending upon the size of project & pages I need to optimize quotes will vary accordingly.


Can you implement the recommendations as well?

Yes, I can actually perform On Page optimization & Conversion Optimization as well. The rates for implementation services start at $100 for single page implementation (any 1 service) & $200 for single page implementation (both services).

What’s the process like for a new client?

Every new client goes through a three-step process.

  • You answer a quick, five-question intake survey. This helps me better understand your needs, your core objectives. 
  • Based on your inputs, I will schedule a Skype call/chat to discuss the details about your business and your specific project needs. I will give my final project quote after the discussion.
  • If you are satisfied with the quote, I’ll send over an invoice for the work and a contract for the project, and once a 50% deposit has been paid, I’ll get started.

How soon you can start?

I will schedule a discovery Skype call/chat upon receiving your request within a day or two. But I will communicate the actual start date only after our discussion. I usually have at least two-week lead-time for new projects subject to change depending on my current workload.

Want To Get In Touch With Me?

As you can see, my services are all about YOU. Your needs. Your growth. Your profits.

I will deliver top quality content, a smooth ride, and a positive experience keeping in mind your & your audience's needs. I stick to the timelines I commit and provide you a hassle free experience.

I am here to build a great working relationship. A relationship built on trust & genuine care for your business.

Please click the below link if you want to hire me. You will be directed to a form that you need to fill so that I can schedule discovery call.