Content Marketing Service

Content Marketing Service (Ideal For SaaS Businesses, Productized Service Owners & Bloggers)

I am Mohit & I will help you get more shares, more backlinks & higher rankings on Search Engines by writing content that converts. 

  • ​Short Form Content (List Posts, How To Guides etc.)
  • Long Form Content (Ultimate Guides, Skyscraper Content etc.)
  • Lead Magnet Content (Ebooks, Whitepapers)
  • Email Content (Emails for Onboarding & Nurture Subscribers)

I know it is hard to sustain & grow an Online business.

It takes lots of effort to get people interested in what you have to offer.

But there is a shortcut by which you can convert those casual visitors into solid leads & fans for lifetime.

There is a way you can capture the attention of those casual readers & get them to take action (subscribe to your email list, signup for product trial).

Do you want to know what that shortcut is?

Don't worry...I won't keep you guessing for long..

It is Your Website Content!!!

Each word, Each sentence, Each Post you write on your blog is an opportunity for you to turn those random readers into raving fans.

Good website content is like a Super charged assistance working for you 24X7..Converting your website visitors into subscribers...without any break...without tiring down...and yeah with no demands of a salary hike 🙂

You see good content once written pays itself over and over again. Remember not just any content.

You need Content That Converts!!!

What exactly is a good content? Content which:

  • Is written in the exact language your target audience thinks and speaks
  • Speaks to their deepest needs and pain points
  • Provides solution to the reader problems
  • Triggers readers to take action

Now you may say I can write a good content..I know everything about my business..I know the pain points of my readers..I know what drives them..

I don't doubt that..

But you have a mile-long “to-do” list, overflowing inbox, and oh’re busy running your business.

You cannot do everything on your own...

You need a Content Marketer who's got what it takes to get more leads, boost conversions, and generate more shares, links for you.

This is where I come in...

As a Content Marketer, my goal is to convey your message to your readers, educate them & help them make an informed decision. My services include:

Content Marketing Service

I only write for Startups/Bloggers in Online Marketing Niche. Topics I can cover are:

  • Traffic Strategies (SEO, Inbound Marketing)
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Online Marketing Tools
  • WordPress

I will help you:

  • Drive up website traffic by writing content which ranks for topics your audience is looking for
  • Increase in Engagement on your blog in the form of shares, links
  • Collect more email leads using content as a lead gen tool

I write following types of content:

  • Short Form Content (List Posts/Why Posts/How To/Review Based Articles/Checklist/Problem-Solution Post)
  • Long Form Content (Skyscraper Content/ Long Form Content/Ultimate Guides/Ultimate Resource Posts)
  • Lead Magnet Content (Ebooks, Whitepapers)
  • Email & Autoresponder Sequences (Nurture Leads, Onboarding Sequences, Improve Retention)


The following are answers to questions I am asked often about my Content Marketing service. If you have any questions other than what I cover below, use the contact me form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with me!

​What is your background?

I am an MBA in Marketing & have 8+ years of experience in B2B Technology Industry. ​I have worked majorly in Product Owner/Business Consultant/Product Marketing Role. I love helping small businesses get more subscribers & customers by focussing upon Content Marketing & Conversion Optimization.

Are your rates hourly?

No, they’re not. Every project quote is value-based—which means you’re paying for the value and ROI of the finished product, not the time spent producing it. Usually my rates range from 8 cents - 15 cents per word depending upon type of content requested and also if I can use my name vs. ghostwriting. 


Clients who decide to work with me do so because they believe in paying for a high-quality, conversion-oriented output. If your focus is keeping costs low (rather than amazing results), you’re in the wrong place.


My rates include

  • Keyword Research
  • Image gathering & editing for the post
  • Optimized content for Search Engines
  • Data/Research backed articles 
  • Kickass Headlines
  • Publishing To Blog (if requested)

Content Promotion can be requested at an additional fees.

How many revisions you offer?

Every project includes one round of edits. If you need additional edits after the first round, there is a project-based fee for additional work.

What’s the process like for a new client?

Every new client goes through a three-step process.

  • You answer a quick, five-question intake survey. This helps me better understand your needs, your core objectives. 
  • Based on your inputs, I will schedule a Skype call/chat to discuss the details about your business and your specific project needs. I will give my final project quote after the discussion.
  • If you are satisfied with the quote, I’ll send over an invoice for the work and a contract for the project, and once a 50% deposit has been paid, I’ll get started.

How soon you can start?

I will schedule a discovery Skype call/chat upon receiving your request within a day or two. But I will communicate the actual start date only after our discussion. I usually have at least two-week lead-time for new projects subject to change depending on my current workload.

Want To Get In Touch With Me?

As you can see, my services are all about YOU. Your needs. Your growth. Your profits.

I will deliver top quality content, a smooth ride, and a positive experience keeping in mind your & your audience's needs. I stick to the timelines I commit and provide you a hassle free experience.

I am here to build a great working relationship. A relationship built on trust & genuine care for your business.

Please click the below link if you want to hire me. You will be directed to a form that you need to fill so that I can schedule discovery call.