Above The Fold Homepage Showdown

I always love Showdowns where you have warriors from different countries fighting it out for the title glory.

I had this idea of doing a Homepage Showdown for Top Marketers. To make it interesting, I had to come up with a judging criteria on which I would rank these pages.

So I decided to test these 5 heavyweights on Above The Fold Homepage Conversions.

Parameters I would rank them upon are : Title & Subheading of the Opt-In Offer, Call To Action Text & Any additional elements like Social Proof, Testimonials which are known to help conversions.

So the contenders for this ‘Above The Fold Homepage Heavyweight Title’ are:

Brian Dean           Neil Patel            Pat Flynn        Derek Halpern       Bryan Harris

Are you ready for the battle? Here we go!



Heading & Subheading – 7/10

Brian is actually giving out his newsletter as an offer on his homepage. But he doesn’t say Free Newsletter or Free Updates. Instead he uses clear and specific headline ‘Free Exclusive Traffic Tips’.

Call To Action – 5/10

I expected a benefit driven CTA as well. I guess Brian might have A/B tested it and probably found ‘Sign Up’ converts better. But since he uses Benefit driven statements everywhere, I feel a CTA oriented around benefits could have been used.

Other Elements – 7/10 (For Social Proof)

I like the Logos as they highlight that Brian is an authoritative source who is featured on all these top authority websites. These definitely help in improving the conversions.

Total – 19/30

A good score but probably Brian could add some testimonials from people who have found these tips to be useful. This will actually showcase how these tips have helped Backlinko’s readers & will add to conversion rates.


Neil Patel

Now when I land on Neil’s Homepage a popup shown below came up like after 10 seconds (probably it got triggered assuming I was about to exit). And I had freaking no clue what is this for?

I know it is about some webinar, but I don’t see the topic anywhere. I found the topic on the homepage but then it makes sense to put the same on this popup as well.

Now about the ‘Your Details’ form, I found it a little big considering it is asking me to do 5-6 things and I guess Neil could remove some elements like Phone number, Country to probably improve the signup conversions.

Anyways on to the main page.

Heading & Subheading – 9/10 (Subheading Nails it for me)

I frankly didn’t see the heading, and who cares when you have such an awesome subheading. It has numbers, exact specific offer & also a cherry on the top ‘Without Spending a Dollar on ads’.

Call To Action – 9/10

CTA hits it out of the park as well, with a clear benefit oriented text. Yes Neil, ‘Teach Me How To Grow My Business!!!

Other Elements – 7/10 (For Free Bonus Offered)

Look how neatly he has tucked in another upgrade which sweetens this whole deal, a 24 step framework to learn marketing. Sign me up please!

Total – 25/30

I don’t know how Neil does it but he always produces these super engaging Landing Pages which I am sure convert super duper well.


Smart Passive Income


Now Pat does things totally different to any of the other 4 super marketers. As usual Pat is always about giving value and information to readers first and he sits back. If readers are happy with the information they receive, they will surely subscribe, share, buy products on his recommendation.

This is exactly the approach on his homepage as he is not trying to capture emails anywhere above the fold. But since I am analysing above the fold homepage solely on basis of conversions, I still need to rate Pat.

Heading & Subheading – 5/10 (Subheading Nails it for me)

Heading is a little vague but the subheading makes things clear for the visitors. He lays it clear he is here to teach how to build passive income.

Call To Action – 5/10

Get Started Here is a good CTA. As explained earlier I thought this will open a signup but it leads to a totally new page where he talks about the site, products, how to generate passive income and at the end, yes very end, I see an email opt-in form. Typical Pat style! Give value first and visitors will search for the opt-in form themselves to subscribe.

Other Elements – 9/10 (For Showing The $$$)

I love the income number and graph at the top. Nobody and I mean nobody can exit once they glance at the number, it just makes you want to stay on the site and keep reading it.

Total – 19/30

Pat ties with Brian without even trying to capture emails from visitors. I can only imagine what his email subscriber base could grow into if he starts capturing emails above the fold on his homepage.

But then maybe this is how he loves doing his business – Give all you have got and don’t expect anything in return.


Social Triggers

Heading & Subheading – 7/10 (Subheading Nails it for me)

The heading is little cryptic. I am sure it works for people aware of Social Triggers. But I am not very sure of first time visitors. The sub heading is much specific and clearly lays out the offer which is the weekly newsletter which contains some juicy articles. I am not sure if these are exclusive articles for his subscribers only.

Call To Action – 5/10

Get Free Updates is a nice CTA, not like full of benefits but I guess Derek definitely is playing on the ‘Free’ angle here.

Other Elements – 5/10 (Derek’s pic rocks)

I did not see any social proof or testimonials etc but Derek’s suave photograph is enough to win extra points in this category.

Total – 17/30

I love Derek’s blog and I learnt a lot about Blog Conversions from Social Triggers. He might not have scored well for this showdown, but I am sure when I do Full Homepage Analysis, Derek will score pretty high among the contestants.




Heading & Subheading – 8/10 (Subheading Nails it for me)

I love Bryan Harris’s blog just because of one reason. It is full of Super Actionable Tips. It gets reflected on the homepage. Look at that offer. How can any blogger not take this offer? I mean we all want more email subscribers right!

Call To Action – 8/10

Again Action Oriented CTA which is what we expect from Bryan.

Other Elements – 7/10

Again the social proof nails it for me, even if someone lands with no clue about Bryan, once he looks at those logos, he will trust him more.

Total – 23/30

Only thing which I think helped Neil win this showdown, was the number in his headline & benefit driven CTA. Brian opted for a more broader headline for a specific offer, but then maybe he is targeting all kinds of audience and goes more specific like ‘Get First 1000 Email Subscribers’ at some other place on the blog.



So here are the winners, don’t they look so happy.


Neil Patel – Winner (25/30), Bryan Harris – Runner Up (23/30), Pat Flynn, Brian Dean –  Joint Second Runner Up (19/30)

Just missing the podium by a whisker Derek Halpern (17/30). I am so sorry Derek. But I am sure we will see you on the podium in our next series for other blog pages.

Post in the comments, any other bloggers who you think could give our winners a challenge and I will post them in my next showdowns.

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