Secret Keyword Research Strategy For More Traffic


Through this teardown, I will show how Ross can make an existing page which is ranking high already get more traffic from Google :

  1. Start targeting keywords currently outside Top 10. He can do this by adding content related to ‘Struggle Quotes’ on the same page or create a new page related to ‘Struggle Quotes’.
  2. Add Author related keywords to his article to start ranking for totally new keywords.
  3. Add more customized images & his take on quotes to add more engagement and shareability for the article.

Then you will learn how Ross can add Opt-In forms to start capturing more subscribers through:

  1. Offering Lead magnets in form of PDF of current post.
  2. Customized Images PDF for all the 26 quotes as a Content upgrade.
  3. 4 to 5 Youtube videos recommended by him and added as a Content Upgrade to the article.

Finally you will learn how Ross can either use Thrive Leads or LeadPages to deliver these content upgrades.

You can use the strategies discussed in this post to apply to articles on your site as well.

Goal of this teardown : How Ross Simmonds can utilize an already ranking page to get more traffic & more leads

Today I feature Ross Simmonds who is an entrepreneur, marketing consultant, author & public speaker. He runs multiple sites & teaches businesses to use social media, content marketing & storytelling.

Let us look at his site’s organic traffic:

In the past 1 year traffic has grown from about 2k visitors per month to almost 5k visitors now. I love how the number of organic keywords has doubled as well from the past year.

Let us look at Top Organic Pages which are bringing the traffic:

Look at that highlighted portion, that one page accounts for almost 70% of his organic traffic. What does this tell you? 2 things – One there is scope of lots of SEO Optimization on other existing pages & Two there is lots of Conversion optimization scope on ‘Hustle Quotes’ page.

If you are wondering what is the difference between SEO Optimization & Conversion Optimization & when you should deploy each strategy?

Let me explain, if you have a high traffic page you should optimize it for conversions & if you have a low traffic page you should optimize it for traffic.

As Simple as that! If you want to read about in more detail refer to this guide by Hubspot.

Ok now back to the page, I wanted to check for what keywords the page is ranking for:

When I went through the page, I saw Ross was already ranking in top spots for all the keywords related to Hustle. So obviously no SEO Optimization needed for the page on ‘Hustle Keywords’. But then something caught my eye, look at those highlighted portions related to ‘Struggle’. He is ranking for those (not in Top 3) & certainly we can optimize for the page around ‘Struggle’ related keywords. So I went ahead to check the potential of ‘Struggle’ related keywords:

Just look at those 2 columns, he is already ranking in 11-20 positions for a volume close to about 10,000+ searches. (Ignore the duplicates, no idea why Ahrefs went bonkers!)


How Ross can rank higher for these ‘Struggle Quotes’ Keywords?

Let us first see what topics are already present related to ‘Struggle Quotes’ on existing page.

So basically 2 times ‘Struggle’ is used in content. Nowhere it is featured in headlines nor there is a separate section related to struggle quotes.

So Ross has 2 options now:

  1. Add a H2/H3 Header related to ‘Struggle Quotes’ on the same page. If he can also change the page title to include keyword related to ‘Struggle’ along with Hustle then I am certain Google will start featuring this page for ‘Struggle Quotes’ quite high as well.
  2. Prepare a separate page related to ‘Struggle Quotes’ & pass an internal link from ‘Hustle Quotes’ page which could give the new page a considerable push in rankings.

Both options are fine but obviously Ross can start with First option and see if rankings improve and depending on the results he can go for Option 2.


How can Ross improve ‘Hustle Quotes’ page further?

I had to check out competitive pages and got some great ideas for Ross. Look at this page from Side Hustle Nation which is ranking on first page as well.

Two important takeaways which Ross can implement:

  1. Right now I don’t see any email capture form on ‘Hustle Quotes’ article which is like a huge opportunity missed for Ross. If he is getting close to 3500 visitors per month even on an average conversion of 3%, he is missing out on 100 subscribers a month. That is about 1200 subscribers a year. Look how neatly Nick sneaks his email capture form with content. This can be easily done using Thrive Leads.
  2. Nick also includes his personal take on quotes & he includes author name in probable H2 or H3 tag. How does this help him? Take a look at below images:

Nick’s article despite being on 9th spot ranks for these author name keywords as well. Now if Ross includes a similar approach for his article, I am pretty sure keywords he can rank for related to author related keywords will be higher.


How Ross can get more leads from this page?

So since the page already ranks for so many keywords it is best suited for Conversion Optimization. But I could find no relevant lead capture form which Ross utilizes on this page.

As explained earlier even at 3% conversion rate he is easily missing out on 1200 subscribers a year. And once the traffic increases based on suggestions above this number can easily go to 2,000-3,000 subscribers a year from this page.

Ross will need to create a content upgrade or a lead magnet for the post. If he goes for lead magnet option then he could easily offer PDF version of the post to his audience. That is simplest & easiest to do.

A content upgrade could be in the form of favourite hustle videos which Ross can recommend. All he needs to do is pick 4 to 5 good videos on Youtube related to Hustle & Motivation and he can list those in the upgrade.   

A lead magnet allows content to be consumed in an easier fashion so a PDF, template, checklist works best while a content upgrade is an extension or addition content on top of the article.

Lead magnet or Content Upgrades can be delivered using Thrive Leads:

Leadboxes From Leadpages also provide a great option to convert readers into subscribers using either a lead magnet or content upgrade.

Here is an example how Joel (Flux Digital Marketing) used leadbox to deliver an ebook to his readers in exchange of their emails.

Obviously once Ross adds few forms and gets the statistics on his conversions, he can then look to A/B Test forms to improve upon conversions. But I recommend doing that after getting data for at least 2 to 3 months for different type of Opt-In forms.

Do implement these tactics for articles on your site & do share your questions, feedback in comment box below.

I will help you get more traffic & leads from existing pieces of content on your website.